A Heavenly Meeting

September 12, 1911: a meeting of the friends at the home of Mrs. Thornburgh-Cropper in London

A provisional translation from Khetabat-e Hazrat-e `Abdu’l-Baha dar safr-e-Europa (Talks of ‘Abdu’l-Baha in his European travels), page 21

He is God!

Praise be to God, this is a worthy gathering, it is very radiant and spiritual. It is heavenly.
“The heavens in their courses, though beautiful you find them,
are but an imprint left below, of Hea’en that lies behind them.”

Which is to say, whatever exists in Heaven has a reflection in this world of existence. Now, praise be to God, our meeting today is a picture of the Concourse on High, it shines as the sun. From this meeting we can see that the world above is a world of love. The Concourse on High enjoys unity and concord; its purposes are heavenly purposes. Praise be to God, this is a veritable Mount Sinai: it could truly be called a heavenly meeting, for you seek nothing but God’s good-pleasure. All the earth’s people are rushing in pursuit of self and passion. There are some people whose greatest desire it to have wealth and possessions, another group want nothing more than to overcome their enemies. Some seek tranquility and physical ease above all else, while others strive for leadership, and yet others seek fame. Praise be to God, we seek to please God, our pleasure is in God’s oneness. As we are gathered here, our goal is to spread abroad the unity that is born of the heavenly world, to diffuse divine illumination. We are attracting the hearts. Let us give thanks to God, that we have been granted the privilege of serving His great Cause. I pray to God, for all of you, that together you may constitute a heavenly army. Raise high the standard of heavenly unity, illumine East and West, and fill the people’s hearts with the love of God. This my greatest desire, and you desire the same thing. I pray to God that He may grant it. I am very pleased with you, and with the English people and government. You should thank God that you are free. You cannot imagine the chaos of conditions in the East. When someone from the East arrives here, they find it very agreeable. God has blessed you.

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The small house and the path to true happiness

September 9, 1911: home of Alice Buckton in London

A provisional translation from Khetabat-e Hazrat-e `Abdu’l-Baha dar safr-e-Europa(Talks of ‘Abdu’l-Baha in his European travels), page 16.

There was a considerable crowd, and the house was not very large. Mrs. [Thornburgh-]Cropper said “It’s a small house, not sufficient to contain the Friends.” Abdu’l-Baha replied:

This is not a small house – it is the hearts that must be enlarged. When we first arrived in Akka, thirteen of us lived in a single room. What I ask of God, is that He may open the hearts, that He may grant the friends the bounty of enlargement. Hearts can be opened only by the grace of God. If they are opened by some other means, this will in the end prove to be temporary: this enlargement will soon be turned into narrowness. But if enlargement and happiness derives from the love of God, it will be eternal. Every worldly pleasure and happiness looks well when seen from afar, but as one approaches, it proves to be a vapour, an appearance without reality.

If you read The Wisdom of Solomon you will see that Solomon says, “When I was a child, I thought that happiness lay in pre-eminence and much coming and going. When I was in my youth, and I saw that happiness did not lie in amusements, or in pre-eminence, or in the bustle of affairs, I told myself that happiness lay in sovereignty and power and administering a kingdom, but when I ascended the throne I saw that it offered no happiness. And it was the same for every possible station that I expected to have some charm: when I attained it I saw that it offered no pleasure. Then I understood that happiness could be found in God’s loving-kindness.” [see note]

If a man rejoices in companionship, that companionship is transitory, so it is certain that man’s happiness does not lie there. If a man rejoices in wealth, wealth too is transitory. If a man rejoices in high office, there will come a time when it slips from his grasp. Where a cause is transitory, its effects must also be transitory. But if the cause of one’s happiness lies in God’s bounty, that happiness can never end, since the divine bounties are forever. Since God’s loving-kindness is never-ending, if a man commits his heart to God’s grace, and God’s living-kindness enters his heart, his happiness has no end. If one fixes one’s heart on any perishable thing, disappointment is inevitable, but God’s loving-kindness embraces humanity. Give thanks that God has opened the doors of the Kingdom before you, and has called you to love God and promote the unity of the human race. It is as if you had found, in Baha’u’llah, a father whose bounty surrounds you. So you should thank God day and night, that you have been enabled to enjoy such a bounty.

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